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Greetings cyberspace. Tune in every Wednesday as Angelo and Brian discuss tech news and issues, as well as the fads and trends of yesteryear. Stick around as they also delve into the strange world of the paranormal.

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  • Episode 268: Daytime TV Ghosts

    May 8th, 2024  |  43 mins 57 secs

    Brian got new AirPods, someone wrote in to tell us our podcast could sound better, an internet mystery has been solved, and the Warrens were once on the Sally Jessy Raphael show and it was a doozie.

  • Episode 267: Is The Universe's Hard Drive Actually Full?

    May 1st, 2024  |  36 mins 49 secs

    Are popular product reviewers responsible for ruining products with negative reviews? Are we living in a simulation? These are the questions posed (and discussed) in this week's episode.

  • Episode 266: A Fourth Grade Book Report On UFOs

    April 24th, 2024  |  50 mins 41 secs

    Brian gets a new phone, Humane releases their answer to the smart phone, AI artwork in a movie causes an Upraor, and Angelo shares his book report for UFO, by Garrett Graff.

  • Episode 265: Fake Coins, Real Drugs

    April 10th, 2024  |  42 mins 13 secs

    This week, Akon's city is a house of cards made of crypto, and an eternal question is answered: are psychedelic drugs a window to an alien world?

  • Episode 264: Vive Le Quebec Weird

    March 27th, 2024  |  44 mins 56 secs

    This week, the DOJ sues Apple (how do you like them Apple(s)?), and Quebec wins the Double Density award for most UFO sightings based on the 2023 Canadian UFO Survey.

  • Episode 263: We’re Not Gonna Take It: The Fatigue Of UFO Disclosure

    March 20th, 2024  |  37 mins 1 sec

    This week:
    • The PS5... Pro??? (Yes)
    • TikTok... Banned in the US?? (Maybe)
    • UFO Disclosure... Just around the corner?? (No)

  • Episode 262: The Ghost Of The Internet Of Things

    March 13th, 2024  |  37 mins 51 secs

    This week, find out what happens when you move into a home that has smart devices that you can't control. In the paranormal segment, a look at flight MH370; ten years on and not many answers.

  • Episode 261: "We're a UFO Family"

    March 6th, 2024  |  34 mins 54 secs

    This week, during a contentious tech segment, Angelo insists on discussing the tech that the duo are enjoying, whereas Brian would like to discuss more topical things, which Angelo deems too negative. In the paranormal segment, the duo tackles Goldie Hawn's alien encounter as shared in her Apple Fitness+ "Walk With Me" appearance.

  • Episode 260: Infinity Fridges

    February 28th, 2024  |  43 mins 23 secs

    This week, Brian and Angelo discuss the compromise in security that convenience can bring, specifically with proximity keys for cars. Then in the paranormal they have a look at the phenomenon of time slips and what they can possibly be.

  • Episode 259: The Ballad of The Benadryl Hat Man

    February 14th, 2024  |  36 mins 36 secs

    This week, our fav Québecois duo discusses unreleased movies and the thrill and joy of locating the mythical Benadryl Hat Man.

  • Episode 258: Revisiting C2C #8: Everything Is A Lie, Everything Is To Make A Buck

    February 7th, 2024  |  58 mins 22 secs

    A look back at the May 23, 1997 episode of Coast to Coast AM, where UFO whistleblower "Victor" makes his appearance to discuss the Area 51 alien interview tape he had a hand in exposing.

  • Episode 257: The Double Density Psychic Detective Agency

    January 31st, 2024  |  40 mins 17 secs

    This week the duo discusses Apple Podcasts and the new transcription feature, and how psychics fare when appearing on TV.

  • Episode 256: "Jason Voorhees Is My Fav Water Cryptid"

    January 24th, 2024  |  43 mins 37 secs

    Brian and Angelo have opinions on the Apple Vision Pro, as Apple opens up preorders, followed by a discussion of lake monsters and how their habitat is inherently a liminal space.

  • Episode 255: The Lady Of Things

    January 10th, 2024  |  44 mins 14 secs

    Happy New Year! This week the duo discusses how to find an Air Tag owner, the kid that beat Tetris, Mickey Mouse copyright, and Spotify AI playlists. In the paranormal, a look at a religious miracle and how it would be a miracle to get actual good footage of any paranormal event.

  • Episode 254: Terminator Santa: Christmas Bloody Christmas

    December 27th, 2023  |  36 mins 41 secs

    This week, after a brief discussion of Apple's Watch patent woes, Brian and Angelo bury the hatchet on this year's Ho Ho Horror with Christmas Bloody Christmas.

  • Episode 253: Yule Boys Unite: Santa Claus (1959) w/Ellie from The Devil’s Dirtstar

    December 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 22 mins

    Brian and Angelo welcome Ellie from The Devil's Dirtstar this week as they discuss the 1959 "classic" Santa Claus and then talk about some holiday creatures.