Episode 10

A Lawyer, But For UFOs


July 2nd, 2017

50 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

Angelo can’t shut up about his recently-shipped iPad, Brian has a new podcasting studio, a potpourri of conspiracy culture, including the new MJ-12 documents. Also: Stanton Friedman seems like a nice guy, and much more.

Brian’s new set-up: http://bit.ly/DDBrianPod

iPad Pro Repair Costs: http://bit.ly/DDiPadRepair

Conspiracy Culture: http://bit.ly/DDAJMK

New MJ-12 documents: http://bit.ly/DDNewMJ12

Kevin Randle’s take: http://bit.ly/DDKevMJ12

FBI Unexplained Phenomena page: http://bit.ly/DDFBIUnEx