About this Episode

This week we talk about holograms, scam calls, Siri’s ongoing harassment of Angelo, Twitter’s lack of new users, and Apple lets some secrets slip. Then we take a trip to Skinwalker Ranch with a brand new segment.

Dio the Hologram: http://bit.ly/DDdio

Time Traveler: http://bit.ly/DDTimeTraveler

Twitter users: http://bit.ly/DDTwitterdone

Apple’s firmware mistake: http://bit.ly/DDAppleoops

A.I. Creates Weird Cases: http://bit.ly/DDAIisweird

Mont-Saint-Hilaire UFO: http://bit.ly/DDStHUFO

Possibly Fake UFO: http://bit.ly/DDFakeUFO

Skinwalker Ranch: http://bit.ly/DDSkinWalker

Jim Marrs: http://bit.ly/DDJimMarrs