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Double Density Dot Net

Double Density has become one of the highlights of my week. From putting together the show outline, to recording the show with Brian, and then getting it out there for people to listen to, it's something I look forward to working on. Something missing though; a true website. Whenever we shared an episode, we would point people to our SoundCloud page, which was fine, but we didn't feel like it was our own. Our FaceBook page was another place we could call our home, but it felt more like a coworking space - a bunch of podcasts sharing an office. Again, totally fine, but it didn't exactly feel like home.

Once SoundCloud started having it's well documented issues, Brian and I decided that it might be time to move to a new host. The decision wasn't easy, since we have a bunch of time left with SoundCloud that we can't get a refund for. We decided that didn't matter, and on August 17, we moved our podcast to Fireside. It's a service that was started by podcaster Dan Benjamin of the 5by5 podcast network. He knows what podcasters need in a service, and it's an all in one package. Part of that package is this great website. We bought a domain, and here we are.

What I am most looking forward to is being able to point listeners to a website that has all of our episodes, with show notes, and with extra content that we'll publish from time to time. Just being able to say, "go to double density dot net and listen to the show" will feel liberating. That's not even taking into consideration a lot of the features that Fireside offers for content creation.

Our RSS feed for the podcast has already changed as of episode 17, and we're planning on fully launching with episode 18. Once that happens, and you find your way here, please let us know what you think. For now, Fireside doesn't offer too much in the way of customization, but that's okay because new templates are coming. The current look is nice and clean and I would prefer they make sure that the most important parts work perfectly before allowing for more customization.

Thanks for listening.