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I was planning on getting the SNES Classic, hoping that Nintendo had figured out that people actually wanted this thing and they would make enough to meet demand. I don't know if Nintendo will be able to meet demand (although that seems doubtful based on the preorder issues), but the main problem for me is that I live in Quebec. For the moment, the SNES Classic will not be available here because it does not meet Quebec's language requirements. I'm not going to get into details about that here, but suffice to say, it's unfortunate.

This situation has prompted me to venture into the world the the Raspberry Pi and Retropie. I had heard a lot about the Retropie in the past, but I never really felt like investing any time or money into it. The SNES Classic situation has changed my mind and I decided to order a Raspberry Pi 3 kit from Amazon.

So now I'm just waiting for my Raspberry Pi to arrive and I'll get started with the wonderful world of retro gaming emulation. I'm hoping to write a few posts about my experience and talk about it on the podcast.