About this Episode

The curse of episode 13!!!! The guys talk about iPads as laptops, but are interrupted by technical issues. When they return, they talk console wars, macOS gangs vs iOS gangs, kids and Zelda, Jodie Whittaker is awesome, and the number 13 is not awesome, Also the things Sean David Morton did not see coming, and they get into how author John Keel took some very interesting notes.

The iPad as a laptop: http://bit.ly/DDiPadLaptop

Console Wars by Blake J. Harris: http://bit.ly/DDConsoleWars

My Son Has Ruined Zelda: Breath of the Wild: http://bit.ly/DDKidsZelda

The number 13: http://bit.ly/DDTheNumber13

Thirteen Crystal Skulls: http://bit.ly/DDSkulls

Sean David Morton (UFO Watchdog): http://bit.ly/DDSeanWatchDog

John Keel: http://bit.ly/DDJohnKeel