Episode 17

Skeptical But Fun


August 20th, 2017

54 mins 11 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Will AI kill us? Is Siri still after Angelo? Are we going to have to subscribe to everything? Is the world going to end? These are the questions that Brian and Angelo are going to tackle in this episode.

AI Beats best DOTA 2 player: http://bit.ly/DDAIWin

AI Loses to DOTA 2 players: http://bit.ly/DDAILoses

9 to 5 Mac Ulysses Pricing: http://bit.ly/DDSubprices

Heaven’s Gate Web Masters: http://bit.ly/DDHGWebMaster

John Hogue is not a good prophet: http://bit.ly/DDHogueProphet

Benoit d'Andrimont’s Dated Website: http://bit.ly/DDNostro2242